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Kids and chores WTF

So I’ve got 9 kids and 7 of those 9 have chores. As a matter of fact they all  have hand crafted by ME, chore charts that cater to each individuals abilities. Nobody has more chores than another of their own similar age group to ensure that everyone feels like their amount of work is equal to the rest of their siblings. Do you think that all of this hard work somehow paid off? Nope. It sure didn’t. My kids still have to be reminded every single day after school to check their chore chart and do their chores. Eventually most of the household chores do get done but not without a massive amount of stress put on me (the mom) to get them to do it. So why do I try so damn hard to make them do their chores? Because its teaching them how to be responsible for themselves and their surroundings as well as the largest life lesson which is that I (mom) am not your slave, servant, gofer or your work horse. I’m your mother! You know, that person in which gave you life. yeah, that’s the one. I believe that kids need to learn how to take care of themselves. Bottom line, one day Im not going to be here and they are gonna need to know how to do all of these things without me forcing them to. They need to learn that nobody is going to take care of them but them. I have to wake up every morning and make sure my children are fed, clothed and off to school. these aren’t options. My children have fallen under this assumption that most of life is optional. So when i give my children chores it’s not just because i need the help, it’s because they need to learn that its not my damn job to pick up after them. It’s my job to keep them alive. Its my job to love them and nurture them. Its my job to teach them so that when they are grown they will be able to stand on their own two feet that this mama gave them. So these kids can bitch and complain all they want to cause this mama knows whats she’s doing. PS, if I don’t get help with the chores around my house then I wont have time to make dinner. If I can’t make dinner then everyone in this house starves! So it’s really all about choices. lol 🙂 Happy Monday!

Here a link to the chore chart that I use for my kids.


What my sink would look like if nobody did the dishes in a house with 11 people living in it!

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