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A Day In The Life

A day in the life of any mom is strenuous. A day in my life is well… strenuous times nine lol. Honestly, most people who find out I have nine kids say “I just don’t know how you do it. Id lose my mind!” To which I usually say “I’m not sure how I do it either and I have lost my mind. Can you not tell!?” This usually gets a good laugh but its pretty obvious that most people truly think I have a screw loose. I think for most people the experience they have daily with an average sized family seems so exhausting that the shear idea of doing it with so may more children makes their head spin. For example, most parents go to get their kids from school in the afternoon and they go to anywhere from one to three schools if for some reason they have kids in elementary, Jr high and high school. Three school pick ups seems like more than enough right? Then they come home and get dinner started for their family which is on average a family size of five. Well let me allow you into an average afternoon for this Mama Bear. I have seven kids that are in school and two who are still at home. My afternoon consists of an average of five different school pick ups. first Jr. High, then High school, the charter school, then JROTC (located at a different highschool) then elementary school. NOW I CAN GO HOME! Mind you I do all of these stops with a barely potty trained three-year old and a six month old infant. Keeping multiple little ones happy while it feels like you live in your car IS NOT THE BUSINESS! This typical afternoon sucks an average of 2.5 hours out of my day that I literally did nothing but sit, drive and try to keep two little ones calm and happy. Once home, I’ve got seven kids that I then spend a good two hours reminding and nagging them to all do their homework and get their chores done. Meanwhile ive got a three-year old yelling because she wants someone to play with her and an infant who refuses to let me put him down. Ive got papers that need to be signed coming in from every direction from the time they get home until they go to school the next day and I still havent a damn clue whats for dinner and ive had at least four kids ask me whats for dinner since they walked in the door. If i do know whats for dinner I’ll tell one kid and the next kid will ask the same question five minutes later. Then the next kid will ask, so on and so forth. It takes so much time to tell people whats for dinner that I couldn’t made the dinner in the time it took me to repeat myself seven times! SO there went four hours out of my day. Anybody else notice I didn’t get anything at all done in these four hours!? I sure did! lol

There’s nothing glamorous about my life. Its messy, exhausting, so unbelievably frustrating at times, I have a lot of kids and they have a lot of wants and needs that keep me on my toes and moving every second of the day. I rarely get any time to myself and sometimes I get underappreciated. That seems to be the average for most SAHM’s. Most people think I’ve got it so rough. You want to know what I think? I think I’ve got it made. What I don’t have in time, money or even sanity I make up for in love and an abundance of admiration from my children and spouse. My days are filled with hugs, stories of school adventures, getting the latest dirt from my teenagers about the newest hot topics. Theres never a dull moment in my life. I’m never bored. I’m never lonely. I love my kids. They are all so different and so unique and each bring something new to the table that I wouldn’t have gotten the privilege of having in my life if they didn’t exist. That’s the bottom line. I’m just that lucky. 🙂

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