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The Real

I've spent countless hours of my life looking at other mothers blog pages. Whether it be about parenting, meal plans, recipes, potty training, childhood illnesses. You name it I've probably looked it up. As I've been thinking about what to write and what it is that sets me apart from the rest, out of all… Continue reading The Real

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Cell phones, Social Media and our kids

What is with kids and their desperate need for cell phones and social media. Is it just where I live or is it everywhere? I mean, kindergarteners have cell phones now and if your kid doesn't have one and their friends do, well then you're deemed the crappiest mom ever and they will make sure… Continue reading Cell phones, Social Media and our kids

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The Potty Training Nightmare

So I've had the privilege of potty training 4 kids so far in my career of mothering. I've had some very easy kids to potty train and some that were extremely hard. In my experience gender has absolutely nothing to do with how easy or hard it will be to potty train and everything to… Continue reading The Potty Training Nightmare