Hey guys! My name is Jayme Holt AKA (Not Your Average Mama Bear). Why you ask? Because yes, I have nine children! No, I didn’t give birth to all of them but they are mine just alike no matter who they came out of. 🙂 I was married for 10 years and had three awesome kids. I then found myself divorced and within the year i met my soul mate, my husband. He had four children from his first marriage and i jumped right in to be their second and full-time mom right from the beginning. If seven kids wasn’t hard enough, we decided to have two more kids!   I’m sure you are thinking “this lady is nuts!” Well, you may be right lol. Crazy or not, I wouldn’t trade my giant family for the world. They may all drive me a little batty but who really likes sane and normal anyway right. My life is crazy. My home is always a huge mess. There’s never an empty spot on the couch. Laundry is never done. NOT EVER!! A Clean Kitchen? What the hell is that!? Kids that listen and do their chores without being berated? Not quite sure what that looks like either. But I can tell you what its like to deal with that and how to keep functioning even when you think its impossible to get up every day and do it all over again. Being a mom is hard work. Being a mom of nine is mind boggling hard. I’ve found a way to do it and still be myself, still be happy and still keep a bit of my sanity. Not all of it! I wont lie, they have definitely taken a good chunk of my brain power but I’ve learned to function pretty well with what little I’ve got left lol.
On my down time (time when I choose to do what makes me happy even though I’ve got 9 kids in my face the entire time) I love to play with makeup. I’m kind of a makeup junkie or makeup geek if you will. I’m not a makeup artist by any means but I CAN DO SOME MAKEUP! Its my calm. I find it very relaxing and gives me the same feeling that drawing and painting gives me. Its my art. Some woman like to garden. I like to spread color all over my face.
So come learn some new tricks of my crazy trade or just read about my ridiculous life. It will be fun. I promise 😉